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Welcome to ElectroFlying Models
Introducing Our Leading Edge Kits

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GymWing Prototype

Swing25 LogoFlying Wing for Park Flying

This is final version of my new flying wing kit called Swing25. It is just a little over 4 oz. Test flights have been done inside at the Metrodome and outside. It can be launched sidearm with a gentle toss. Swing25 has a wide speed range and is quite areobatic. The kit is laser cut and easy to build on a flat surface. Minimal parts keeps the kit cost down and speeds the building process. Swing25 kits are available NOW! for only $25.

Swing25 - Sport Electric R/C Aircraft. Designed and Drawn by Steven E. Pauley. © 2012, Steven E. Pauley, All Rights Reserved

Specs: Wing Span: 25", Length: 14.2", Wing Area: 190 sq. in., Weight: 4 oz., Wing Loading: 3 oz. per sq. ft., 2 Cells 350mAh LiPoly (7.4v) @ 6 amps, Total Input Watts: 40 (or 160 watts/lb.), E•flite Park 250 Outrunner, Thunderbird 9A,Prop: 6" x 5" GWS Slowflyer,4 Channel, Transmitter/Receiver with Mixing/Delta Control and 2 HiTec HS-35HD Servos.

Order yours today for only $25 plus shipping - See our How to Order Page.

Tan eSKA
Go-Go Dancer
eSKA - Sport Aerobatic Park Flyer
Go-Go Dancer - Sport Park Flyer