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eSKA - Sport Aerobatic Park Flyer

Click on the images above & below for larger views of eSKA

Our second kit, eSKA, is a 70-watt sport aerobatic electric-powered park flyer. Using the recommended equipment, eSKA will give you unlimited verticals and 20 minutes of aerobatics or 50 minutes of relaxed sport flying. Your next favorite airplane kit...eSKA.


Wing Span: 31”
Wing Area: 230 sq. in.
Weight: 10.5–12 oz.
Wing Loading: 6.6–7.5 oz. per sq. ft.
Length: 26.5"
Total Input Watts: 77 or
110 watts per pound
Thrust: 16 oz.
Top Speed: 32 mph

Recommended Equipment

Astro Brushless .010 Geared (801GM)
3S1P LiPoly 1200-1500 mAh Battery
CC Phoenix 10 Controller w/BEC
10” x 7” APC Slow Flyer Prop
4 Channel Radio/Transmitter
FMA M5 Receiver
3 Hitec HS55 Servos
Nelson LiteFILM Covering or
Ultracoat Lite Covering

The eSKA Design

eSKA (electric Simple Kit Airplane - pronounced "ee-skah") is an original kit designed for modelers with an interest in electric-powered airplanes capable of park flying and sport aerobatics. eSKA was designed from the beginning for light-weight brushless motors and LiPoly cells. This airplane makes use of strong, lightweight design and construction, which improves electric-powered flight performance and duration. Using the suggested motor and cells, eSKA will have unlimited vertical performance. eSKA was designed to fly a wide range of aerobatics, from very tight maneuvers to large, powerful loops, slow rolls, snaps, and big stall turns. eSKA's light weight and thin, semi-symmetrical, progressive airfoil allows for a wide speed range. eSKA is controllable and flies smoothly even in high winds, yet slow down and land like a feather. eSKA is a great-flying electric powered model that flies predictably, not your typical "flip-&-flop" park flyer. eSKA should not be flown by a beginner R/C pilot.

eSKA was designed to make motor battery changes as easy as possible, with no tools required. You don't have to turn the airplane over or remove the wing to change batteries. Just lift the front battery hatch up and hold it to the side for easy battery access. The recommended motor for eSKA is the Astro brushless .010 geared motor powered by 3S1P - 1200mAh LiPoly cells at 7 amps. This combination gives spectacular performance and long flight times. eSKA is light, yet tough, and its pop-off battery hatch and slide-off wing help reduce damage from less-than-perfect landings. eSKA is a simple-to-build, fly-anywhere airplane that is just plain fun to fly.

This kit features leading edge design and interlocking laser cut parts for exceptional fit, quality, and ease of construction. The kit includes a complete set of hardware, including lightweight wheels. The eSKA Plans were drawn on a computer using professional design software. We believe that the eSKA plans are a work of art and set a new standard in kit manufacturing.

We would not be surprised if eSKA becomes the most enjoyable building and flying park flyer that you have owned.

eSKA sells for $59.95.

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Click on the images above to download a PDF file of the 20 page eSKA Instruction Manual (1.6MB) or eSKA Plan Sheet (107KB).